» The privacy of correspondence, posts and telecommunications shall be inviolable. «
(Article 10 (1) of the basic law of the Federal Republic of Germany)

Communication via email is fast and convenient. However, for safety reasons confidential information should not be transmitted per email without encryption.

For encryption we recommend either PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) or the open source software GnuPG. Both share a common encryption concept based on a public and a private key.

The private key you need to decrypt received documents. This key should be kept private and by no means be transmitted to any other person.

The public key you can transmit to any person, you want to correspond with. Vice versa you also need the public key of your correspondents to be able to encrypt messages you want to send them. The public key can without problems be made public available (e. g. via Download or via Email). Our public key, you can find here.

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